68k Mentat

20 april 2022

I have several Rock64 machines that I purchased from the seller who was liquidating Recon Sentinels for very cheap a few years ago.

They are all sitting next to each other in a cabinet and the only time I need to look at them is when I want to know which one is which.

Note: The obvious solution to this is taping a label on each one. It was foolish of me to want to to do what I describe in this post.

These machines have an LCD panel on them that can display anything, using help from the files at this sentinel hacking github repository.

I created a script which outputs the hostname and IP address which can be found here (hostname and IP script)

I then added a line in /etc/rc.local which reads:

python3 /home/andrew/recon-sentinel-hacking/ip-hostname.py