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Dogz is a 1995 simulation game developed by PF. Magic. The game was released on a single CD for Win 3.1/95 and Mac OS, or 2 floppy disks.

The first version of the game provides five breeds of Dogz to choose from: “Bootz,” a setter, “Scrappy,” a terrier, “ChiChi,” a chihuaha, “Chip,” and “Jowls,” a bulldog. If you can’t decide which Dogz to adopt, you can take the “Pup Quiz” to find out your personal Dogz profile. It’s really just four silly magazine-style personality questions.

Once you’re in the Adoption Play Area, you can take out any one of the Dogz and watch them run around. You can also play with the ball item, but all of the others are deactivated in the Adoption area.

Once you’ve decided which Dogz you want, you can adopt it and the game will create a new Dogz profile on your computer. You can change its fur colors with the paintbrush tool, or just sit back and watch your PuppyDogz grow up!

Your Dogz is capable of performing lots of different tricks, and you can train it to perform up to three of them on command with the three types of treats available.

From the manual:

A Dogz has gotta eat and drink sometime. When your Dogz gets hungry or thirsty, it’ll beg to be fed. It may take awhile for you to figure out what it’s begging for, but eventually you will get to know the small differences unique to your pet. This is a sign of a good owner.

Some sources claim that Dogz will die if they do not eat or drink for a certain amount of time. This doesn’t seem to be the true; the documentation states that while your Dogz will age into adulthood over time, it will never die (they also never use the bathroom, thankfully!).

I don’t remember ever playing Dogz 1 long enough to watch my Dogz age, but their personalities change from puppy-like to mature the longer you keep them. Young Dogz will fall over a lot as they learn how to walk and run, and also exhibit “bad habits” like butt-dragging. You can use the spray bottle item to train your Dogz to stop performing habits that you dislike, or even encourage them with treats.

The last, and possibly coolest feature, is the Guard Dogz screensaver. When set, your Dogz will walk around your screen, playing and barking at intruders, while your screen saver is active.


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